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Mold Dog - Bill Whitstine's mold dogs detect and pinpoint sources of mold, which leads to lower remediation costs
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“The dog has been ‘man’s best friend’ since Neolithic times, 10,000 years ago. As people learned to modify the dog’s physical appearance and even its temperament through selective breeding, they were able to produce animals capable of performing a wide variety of services. These included refinements in the hunting process such as pointing, retrieving, tracking, and burrowing; herding; draft work (pulling and carrying); guard duties; providing companionship; and, more recently, assisting the disabled such as the blind or wheelchair-bound. Quite recently, police work has been added to the list.

“In this last capacity, the dog has bee making major contributions to the fight against terrorism, in no area more critically than in the search for hidden explosives.(Technology Against Terrorism, 1991)

Today, dogs are an integral part of our society – one of humanity’s first, most durable, and most delightful achievements in domestications. Dogs have been successfully trained in the following areas:

  • Search, Rescue and Detection Dogs - Dogs have been successfully trained to detect for bombs, narcotics, missing people, arson, mold, termites, land mines, missing pets.
  • Service Dogs - Dogs have been successfully trained to provide assistance in the following areas: wheelchair-bound individuals, blind individuals, predicting epileptic seizures, providing companionship and laughter for nursing-home residents.
  • Herding Dogs - Dogs have long been used for sheepherding.
  • Performance Dogs - Some dogs are bred and trained for racing, jumping, and performing in “Best in Show” competitions.
  • Sled Dogs - A few dogs are lucky enough to spend years training for the most difficult race on the earth – The Iditarod
  • Eco Dogs - Some dogs are trained to protect humans and animals who have special needs: in Guam, dogs are trained to sniff out brown tree snakes. On the South African coast, dogs are trained to uncover smugglers and their trade. In Anatolian, shepherd dogs guard flocks and protect their predator, the endangered cheetah, at the same time.
  • More info:  Dogs related news, books and web resources.

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