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Mold Dog - Bill Whitstine's mold dogs detect and pinpoint sources of mold, which leads to lower remediation costs
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Mold Dog News Room...

Want to know more about how
mold-detecting dogs really work? 

Check out the links below to see and read about mold-detecting dogs.  Also, keep up to date by learning more about mold in the breaking and archived news sections.  Finally, be sure to check back frequently to read guest editorials and other news releases from Mold Dog.

Media:  If you don't see what you want or need, please contact us - we're here to help you and help you meet your deadlines!

  • TV and Print coverage - Mold Dogs.  Read about and see Mold Dogs in action.  Click here

  • Breaking News - Mold.  Read the latest news about mold and other related issues.  Click here

  • Archived News - Mold.  Read archived news stories from national TV and print media.  Click here

  • News Releases - Mold Dog.  Read the latest news releases and guest editorials from Mold Dog.  Click here

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